The first micro-moment web app, built for mobile.

Wrap brings native app capabilities and intelligence to the mobile web for the mobile moment. It breaks all the rules about how you build, distribute, and think about mobile apps. The platform makes it easy to create and distribute highly engaging web experiences that build loyalty, enhance relationships, and make people act.

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What is wrap?

Wrap is a mobile storytelling and commerce platform that enables you to create an app-like user experience delivered through the mobile web in bite-size pieces. Wraps get and hold attention quickly – in the span of a message - enabling unprecedented engagement, activation and conversion delivering ROI. A single touch takes people into a multi-function web experience, just like an app, without actually having to download, open or be in an app. Sent as a web link, image or embed, Wraps are authored once, fully portable and are delivered anywhere a browser can run – from phone to app to tablet, to desktop, to television, and more.

The web platform replaces native apps and programmed responsive mobile websites with no programming, no coding, or no downloading required.

With built in intelligence, interaction and integration options delivering rich mobile experiences is easier than ever.

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How Does Wrap work?

  • create.

    Wraps can be quickly and easily created without the significant costs of development and time. The authoring platform enables designers, marketers, and other professionals to easily build micro-moment web app experiences that are more engaging and highly functional. Build your own custom design, or leverage easy to use templates and card libraries. A simple touch will add pre-programmed interactions, like swiping and scrolling, as well as integrated components which can incorporate photos, videos, lead generation, commerce, maps, customer support, and more. The function and design possibilities are endless, without the time to market constraints of custom development.


    Include your own data, integrate into backend systems and leverage the platform to build a custom solution that can deliver a personalized user experience. Allow the platform to automate and trigger new personal mobile experiences from events, bots, purchases etc. The platform offers powerful customization and automation, without the ongoing maintenance of managing your own custom developed app.


    The power of a Wrap is that it can live anywhere, it doesn’t require downloads, app usage, or custom development for different platforms. Wraps can be distributed anywhere a link can live, through social properties, emails, text, messaging apps and paid channels. With one-touch your audience can be in an immersive and engaging mobile experience. Update and republish as wanted, you now have total control over where your content lives.

  • Manage.

    With built-in analytics, Wrap gives you instant access to performance data of your content, and can integrate into your own reporting solutions. You now have instant visibility to the way your content was consumed, and the actions that were taken by your audience. These insights can help you update and refine your message, and the platform makes it easy to modify and distribute anytime. Wraps deliver higher engagement, and a variety of ways to get your customers to take action.