Create Rich Mobile Experiences without a Single Line of Code

Wrap makes it easy to build beautiful, immersive experiences without programming and without the need to deploy native “apps”. Using simple drag-and-drop tools, designers and marketers can build Wraps as series of cards with compelling content and app-like functionality.


Wraps and cards can then be personalized and tailored to each individual user and tracked to optimize 1:1 customer journeys.

Since Wraps are delivered as mobile Web experiences instead of native “apps”, they can be deployed across any channel – email, SMS, in-app notification, Web embed, or social feeds.

Using the Wrap APIs, the Wrap platform can power enterprise-ready solutions tailored for your business.

Wrap Platform Features


  • Drag-and-drop creation model for Cards and Wraps
  • Over 100 templates with pre- built layouts
  • Support for many content component types including images, text, video, and custom HTML5 functions
  • Fixed-height, scrolling, and repeating gallery card types
  • Wrap “covers” that allow sharing across channels including social media, Web embed, email, SMS
  • Drafts and support for multiple versions


  • Personalization API allows dynamic content substitution
    for each unique user
  • Card swapping feature allows dynamic assembly of a unique Wrap from individual cards
  • Content swapping feature allows substitution of
    individual components such
    as text, images or videos


  • Reporting Dashboard captures all user swipes, video plays, social shares and conversion events
  • Engagement Funnel report shows how deeply users engage with Wrap content
  • Run A/B tests to determine which promotions or campaigns drive the best results
  • Card-level analytics allows engagement and conversion at a personalized Wrap level


  • Single Sign On support to securely enable enterprise users
  • Integration with product catalogs and other enterprise systems to bulk-import cards from templates
  • Team-based collaborative development
  • Integration with marketing automation software providers (Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Campaign Monitor)

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