How Kantar used Wrap to drive leads after MWC ’16

How Kantar used Wrap to drive leads after MWC ’16
April 5, 2016 Jeanne Cheung
Kantar Mobile World Congress 2016

Mobile World Congress is one of the world’s biggest and best mobile industry events. Just to give you a glimpse of its scale, it had a record-breaking 100,000+ attendees from 204 countries.¹ This was definitely more than just a few opportunities to capture leads.

Due to the large audience size, Kantar wanted to create a compelling follow-up to recap the conference. Utilizing Wrap, Kantar was able to engage attendees on mobile in a way they had not been able to before.

Kantar split their audience into two categories—those who attended & stopped by the Kantar booth at MWC, and those who did not attend the MWC conference. The goal was to convert as many of these contacts into active leads by providing valuable information about the conference.

The results and engagement were strong all around. Kantar did a great job of targeting a very specific list of people who visited their booth at MWC. However, what’s even more captivating was the group who did not attend MWC and recognized their brand had a lower bounce rate 14.1%, more clicks to the wrap, and 27.95% CTR.  Kantar also did a fantastic job of keeping users engaged with a interactive quiz, as well as offering a downloadable PDF. They offered ways to follow Kantar—the mobile experts, on social media and through email.

Adding value and knowledge gains the trust of your prospective customers. Users love content and don’t mind reading through information when they are interested in it! See how Wrap will help your business drive mobile engagement.

View the Wraps here:

Wrap 1: MWC Attended

Wrap 2: MWC Did Not Attend


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