Using Wrap to spread brand awareness

Using Wrap to spread brand awareness
April 5, 2016 Jeanne Cheung

Ever go to a meeting and want to send a leave behind? Or just want to be seen as a leader in the industry utilizing the latest SaaS technology?

See how companies, like [L]earned Media, are staying ahead of the trend by creating a mobile first experience as lookbooks and leave behinds for potential clients. Say goodbye to printed pamphlets (save the trees!), and PowerPoint attachments that way too clunky for your inbox. You’re welcome.

Wrap is the new way to power your business and get your potential clients engaged. Because it lives on the mobile web, you can track engagement on the digital document. Where is the drop off? What is the CTR? How long are people spending in the Wrap? You can change and edit your Wrap on the fly without needing to redistribute the link! The beauty of the web.

Users can go straight to the web if you link out to different websites or provide more rich content like videos and widgets. They can also go straight to dialing your number, or emailing you for leads.

It’s a sharable document, which in turn will create more value and ROI when your prospects start spreading the word about your business.  Find out how Wrap can increase your ROI.

[L]earned Media Wrap:


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