How Wrap Can Improve Your Ad’s Performance

How Wrap Can Improve Your Ad’s Performance
March 28, 2016 Dana Levine

The Internet as we know it is shrinking. Not in the quantity of users, but in terms of screen size. We are quickly migrating from desktops and laptops to smartphones. As of 2014, mobile Internet usage exceeded desktop Internet usage for the first time, and as of 2015, 60% of all Internet time was spent on mobile (1). In a lot of ways, this is a wonderful thing. We can now access the Internet from nearly everywhere, with a device that fits in our pocket. Even in developing countries, cheap smartphones and tablets have made the Internet accessible to many more people. An estimated 3.3 billion people worldwide currently have Internet access (2), and hopefully this number will continue to increase over time.

As Internet traffic becomes more mobile-dominated, so does ad traffic. Much of Facebook’s growth in market capitalization has been due to its ability to serve an ever increasing number of mobile ads to its users. However, mobile conversion rates remain significantly behind desktop conversion rates, and as a result, mobile users still only account for 25% of all purchases (3). Clearly this will need to change over time if ad revenues are to continue increasing.

One of the primary reasons mobile conversions are lower is that advertising remains primarily targeted at the desktop. Ad landing pages are created with a PC audience in mind, and then served as-is on mobile. In the best-case scenario, the landing page is “optimized” for mobile, which clearly doesn’t work all that well. While these “microsites” typically look ok on a mobile device, they often force a mobile user to use desktop paradigms to navigate, and don’t provide a clear path through the site. This often leads to abandonment prior to a purchase, wasting the dollars spent on mobile advertising.

Here’s where Wrap comes in. Wrap makes it easy for you to create a mobile-first experience for your ads. Wraps are designed with the mobile screen size in mind, and use app-like interactions such as swipes and taps. Navigating through a wrap is incredibly user friendly—there’s a single path to navigate from start to finish. Like viewing a book or pamphlet, the user swipes to the right to watch the story unfold, providing a clean and consistent user experience that’s both engaging and fun.

The best thing about Wrap is that it works everywhere. We’ve done the work to make sure that your Wraps will work with different browsers on iOS, Android, and even on most Desktop PC. You just create your Wrap, and it’s ready to be served everywhere. And recently we’ve been working on rolling out in-Wrap commerce, which allows end users to buy products without ever leaving the Wrap. They just click the Buy Button and navigate through the easy-to-use checkout flow.






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