• Engage

    How to Reach and Engage Customers Via Mobile

    Deliver Experiences that Solve Business Needs All around you – all day – people skim information on mobile devices at…

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    Accelerate Your Mobile Commerce with Wrap

    Wrap Announces Integration with Stripe Relay for a Seamless Mobile Commerce Experience This year, retail mobile commerce sales in the…

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  • Mobile Centric

    Mobile Optimization vs Responsive Design?

    Neither. Time to Start Thinking “Mobile Centric”. Mobile marketing and digital channels continue to evolve at a near blinding pace,…

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  • How Wrap Can Improve Your Ad’s Performance

    The Internet as we know it is shrinking. Not in the quantity of users, but in terms of screen size.…

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    Distributing your Wraps on Facebook and Twitter is an easy and cost effective way to engage your audience. We’ve outlined…