Accelerate Your Mobile Commerce with Wrap

Accelerate Your Mobile Commerce with Wrap
May 30, 2016 Gerard Fane

Wrap Announces Integration with Stripe Relay for a Seamless Mobile Commerce Experience

This year, retail mobile commerce sales in the U.S. are expected to reach $123 billion. Worldwide, mobile commerce sales are projected to top $626 billion in 2018 – which essentially equals eCommerce sales through all channels just three years ago. These numbers along with the fact that mobile usage is on the rise as laptop usage continue to drop make it apparent that  marketers need to focus on how they’re connecting with consumers on the devices they use the most.

Enter Wrap. With the new integration of the Stripe Relay API, Wrap now offers a streamlined and secure order checkout process that allows customers to make an instant purchase for a seamless mobile commerce experience. Building on Wrap’s already robust feature set, the Stripe Relay API is the next evolution in the new mobile web being ushered in by Wrap.

With Stripe Relay and Wrap, retailers have an easy way to get new products, promotions, or sales into market in minutes, accelerating mobile commerce for your brand.


Here is how it works with Wrap templates:

1. Templates make it easy to create beautiful, engaging mobile experience to showcase your products



2. Choose from one of our Commerce template choices



3. Select the card you would like to add you Stripe Relay product to and then select the Card Content button as seen below



4.    Select your product and then select the Done button



5. The selected product and all the associated product images will populate in the card



To add Stripe Relay to a Wrap built from scratch:

1. Select the Copy button in the top right corner



2. Select Card Types and then scroll to the Stripe Relay template cards



3. Select one of the fully customizable cards and hit next



With Stripe Relay and Wrap, retailers have an easy way to get new products, promotions, or sales into market in minutes, bringing money in the door faster. To learn more about Stripe Relay and Wrap, please go to our Success page.

For more information about how you can start selling in a Wrap, contact us at


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