The Wrap Sheet – A Weekly Look at Trending Mobile Marketing News

The Wrap Sheet – A Weekly Look at Trending Mobile Marketing News
June 3, 2016 Gerard Fane

In this week’s issue of The Wrap Sheet, a new study shows nearly 1 in 4 app users abandon most mobile apps after just one use. At the same time, overall app retention rate is slowly improving, but lackluster usage still is a huge barrier for marketers trying to reach customers.

Twitter is reportedly nixing plans for its buy button after realizing people simply didn’t want to make purchases that way. While Twitter will no longer pursue that specific feature, company execs see viability – and are working on what comes next.

Also on tap this week, you’ll find a complete recap of the Code Conference that took place this week in California, and CMO online asks marketers what it takes to be great in the digital era. All can be found in this week’s The Wrap Sheet, plus much more!

Here are links to these and other stories of note this week:

1 in 4 People Abandon App After Only One Use

Data shows user retention has only seen a slight increase since 2015. The data collected shows troubling statistics for the future of applications.

(Tech Crunch)

Why Social Commerce is Still Going Strong

Twitter’s reported plans to nix its buy button feature do not spell the demise of social commerce. Social paths to purchase are clearer on visual networks such as Pinterest, which research shows has driven 93% of its users to make a purchase.

(ZD Net)

Marketers Discuss What It Takes to Be Top of the Class

Marketing leaders talked about why it’s vital for brands to give prospects a personalized, omni-channel experience. They also spoke about why marketing executives need to be leaders within their organizations to make customer experience a central tenet across teams.


Code Conference Features Tech Heavy Hitters and a Glimpse to the Future

The tech world’s biggest names converged on Rancho Palos Verdes, California this week for the annual Code Conference. Wrap execs were in attendance for this year’s event, where topics ranged from today’s biggest tech challenges for industry to fascinating views on the future.


Survey: Social Media a Major Source of News in US

About 6 in 10 US adults are accessing social media for news content, with Reddit and Facebook users the most likely to use those platforms for news fixes. The proportions in the latest survey are significantly higher than a similar Pew study conducted three years ago.

(Marketing Land)

Blog: Speed Essential in Rapidly Connecting Mobile World

Mobile devices, social channels, the cloud, data science and the internet of things are the five major trends rapidly changing consumer-business relationships. In this world, speed is of the essence, with mobile apps expected to deliver results in the 30 to 60 seconds of the internet minute.

(Salesforce Blog)

Study: Mobile Ad Blockers Taking Developing Nations by Storm

One-fifth of global smartphone users employ ad blockers. Over one-third of Asia-Pacific mobile owners use ad-blocking software, with the total spiking to nearly two-thirds in India and Indonesia. In comparison, just 2.2% of US smartphone users have installed ad blockers.

(New York Times)

Survey: Mobile Gamers Watch Ads for In-Game Rewards

Almost 60% of mobile gamers download apps, view video ads or take surveys in return for in-game rewards. Watching video ads was the preferred choice, followed by taking surveys.

(Venture Beat)

Report Notes Sharp Growth Patterns for IoT, Smartphone Video Viewing

The number of devices connected through the internet of things will grow about 23% a year, with the total surpassing the number of smartphones by 2018. The report also notes that younger viewers are driving a sharp shift in video viewing habits, with smartphone video viewing surging 127% in 15 months ended last year, while TV viewing by teens fell 50% from 2011 to 2015.

(Business Standard)


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