• Cards Take Mobile Where Apps Can’t

    The future of mobile apps has amplified into one of the hottest topics of debate in mobile marketing.

    by Gerard Fane
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    Simple Tips to Put Mobile Marketing in the Fast Lane

    Make your business “Mobile Fast” Today’s mobile device user expects mobile experiences to be fast, in the moment and engaging,…

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    How to Reach and Engage Customers Via Mobile

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  • Why Marketers Miss the Point of Mobile Moments

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    Mobile Optimization vs Responsive Design?

    Neither. Time to Start Thinking “Mobile Centric”. Mobile marketing and digital channels continue to evolve at a near blinding pace,…

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  • Marketers

    The Party Is Over for (Most) Mobile Apps – But Nobody Told Marketers

    The key battle in mobile marketing today is the priceless mobile screen itself. Everyone is fixated on devices to communicate,…

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