The Party Is Over for (Most) Mobile Apps – But Nobody Told Marketers

The Party Is Over for (Most) Mobile Apps – But Nobody Told Marketers
May 20, 2016 Gerard Fane

The key battle in mobile marketing today is the priceless mobile screen itself. Everyone is fixated on devices to communicate, gather information and share content. Businesses spend fortunes for a tiny share of that screen, which represents the ultimate victory in the new marketing war.

Getting share of that screen, however, requires new thinking. The battle to date has essentially focused on mobile apps – bigger, more complex and more expensive. Massive investments to build the beat-all, end-all app come at the expense of other critical programs. The payoff? Usually, it’s a dusty, barely used icon relegated to the third or fourth page of the mobile phone UI, right by other dusty, barely used apps. Check your own phone. You’ll see what we mean.

A recent Forrester Research blog post nailed the big issue. People spend huge amounts of mobile device time in apps, but not the app most businesses would like. Mobile users spend almost 90 percent of their app time within their five favorite apps downloaded from an app store. The top apps vary by person, but the list includes the big names that aren’t surprising – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, along with many popular news sites and news aggregators. Remaining app time is divided up among an average of 19 apps that get minimal or one-off use. The rest? They are forgotten or deleted.

Rating service Nielsen indicates that overall time spent using mobile apps is still on the rise, but much like Forrester’s findings, the number of apps that individuals use is flat. The hidden truth is the party might be over for marketers who think the mobile app is their ticket to success.

Enter Wrap: A Better Approach to the Mobile Web

Smart marketers are rethinking better ways fight for a share of the device screen. While apps can work well for specific purposes, most mobile web options are just as limiting as mobile apps. Mobile websites and microsites cost a boatload of money and often lack flexibility. With attention spans approaching non-existent, it’s harder than ever to create meaningful interactions with the audience.

BMW Wrap

BMW used Wrap to reach their audience with an engaging story-telling experience. (click the image to see the entire Wrap)

Wrap takes a fresh approach to the mobile web experience by creating real engagement at a much lower cost. Developed in hours or days versus weeks or months for apps and websites, Wraps offer an easy-to-use platform to engage with audiences of all types – retail, business-to-business, events, fashion, travel and countless others. There are no limitations, and speed-to-market makes Wrap a better option for smart marketers.

A Wrap fits the way people actually use devices, with an immersive experience that can drive engagement, awareness, mobile commerce and virtually any action an organization can want people to take. Wraps also work across platforms and channels, served up through email, social media, a website, SMS or any other way to reach the audience where they live – on their device.

Here’s the net of it all: There are about 1.5 million mobile apps out there, so apps are not going away. But most lose the battle for share of the mobile screen. Marketers need a better mobile alternative served up directly to people to capture them at the right place, the right time with the right content.

They need Wrap.

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