Insights is a great place to check the performance of your Wraps once they’ve been published and distributed.

1. Upon logging in, please navigate to the “Insights” tab.

2. Then navigate to the drop-down to select a Wrap you’d like to see performance stats for.

3. You will see a dashboard of the Wrap you’ve selected. The first step is to select dates using the date selector. Click the “Apply” button when you are done.

4. You will then see a set of metrics you check Wrap performance:

Wrap Views: The number of unique times a Wrap is loaded and viewed

Wrap Users: The number of unique users who visited your Wrap

Bounce Rate: The percentage of users who left after the cover page (first page) of the Wrap, and did not continue to Card #2

Avg Time Spent in Wrap: The number of seconds on average users are spending viewing your Wrap

Card Views / Visit: The average number of Cards (pages) that is being viewed per Wrap visit

Click Thru Rate: The aggregate CTR of all external links or clicktrackers in the Wrap

Social Conversion: Breakdown of Social CTR in the last card of the Wrap

Gallery Breakdown: The raw number and completion rate of aggregate gallery completion in the Wrap

Video Breakdown: The raw number and completion rate of how many users clicked play on your video (Video Plays), and raw number and completion rate of how many users who clicked play also completed the video 100% (Video Completions)

Card Progression Behavior: Card to card completion rates to see the drop off between Cards. The last card shows Entire Wrap Completion Rates.