How to Reach and Engage Customers Via Mobile

How to Reach and Engage Customers Via Mobile
June 22, 2016 Gerard Fane

Deliver Experiences that Solve Business Needs

All around you – all day – people skim information on mobile devices at blinding speeds. Getting them to just pause briefly and click on content is challenging enough. Click throughs track at fraction of a percent (via DoubleClick), and upwards of half of all display ad clicks are purely accidental. But when a customer finds your mobile content, do they have the right experience with the message? Or does the interaction fall flat with little to show after all of the effort?

It’s important to determine if it’s the message or the messenger (aka the app or website). And right now, marketers have an urgent need to step back and reexamine what they are trying to achieve through mobile and whether their approach is on track.

The mobile user experience must be rooted in solving business needs. The mobile experience has unique power to add extraordinary value for the customer and the business. The experience should drive brand awareness, product discovery, intrigue and genuine interest in the product. The experience should naturally drive lead generation, sales, cross-sell and up-sell. It should serve up product information, service, warranty support, loyalty – even product demonstrations or user instructions.

To meet business needs, the mobile experience must deliver the right level of engagement with the brand. A consumer’s expectations of the mobile experience will vary depending on their immediate needs. He or she may want a deep dive into product information, images and information. Or they may simply want to get what they need and move on. A great mobile experience ultimately gets the customer’s attention and connects with them on their terms – in the moment.

The solution – a totally new (and simpler) approach to mobile

To date, the options available to marketers have never fully delivered on the promise of mobile as a storytelling and ecommerce platform. Conventional engagement through apps or responsive websites is giving way to a new mobile experience that interacts and engages with customers in the span of a message.

Enter Wrap. Product teams and data experts from Wrap have a deep understanding of user behaviors and how behaviors have evolved with mobile information consumption. Through close analysis, Wrap has uncovered big gaps that have emerged between user needs and conventional mobile functionality.

It is clear that consumers and business customers crave a mobile experience that serves information in bite-sized pieces, and they want it delivered directly through their preferred feeds, including social media, email, SMS, etc. People want a conversation or interaction to be in context and in a form that holds their attention and gives them information they need to make decisions.

Wrap used these insights and deep user experience knowledge to craft a next-generation CRM platform that helps businesses connect and engage with audiences of all types. The future of mobile marketing is about serving content in app-like experiences to any mobile device, browser, app, game or company website without the complexities of resizing and coding for each platform.

Businesses and marketers must challenge conventional thinking and seek meaningful engagement with customers via mobile. Wrap offers a better way to reach, engage, sell and build relationships with people on the go, without the massive investment and cumbersome infrastructures of apps or mobile websites.

See examples of Wraps view how easy it is to get started with Wrap.


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