Wrap Launches Easy-to-Use Solutions for Marketers

Wrap Launches Easy-to-Use Solutions for Marketers
June 20, 2016 Gerard Fane

Since the early days of Wrap, we’ve been excited about the idea of building a tool that provides solutions that allow users to easily create engaging mobile micro-moments to meet any objective. Today, we’re announcing a new feature that is another important step towards that vision.

The Idea

The idea is simple. Draw inspiration from beautiful, curated solutions that match your goals, and start building your Wrap immediately.

Imagine you just captured your event audience with an engaging demo of your newest products and services. The event-atmosphere is energetic, and you can tell that many of your attendees are eager to know more. This would be a great  opportunity to send them a focused post-event experience that asks them for feedback and allows them to sign-up right then and there. Instead of building your post-event nurture Wrap from scratch, we now let you chose from a set of  pre-built post event nurture templates, complete with example cards, functionality, and styling. You can easily modify these to add your own brand styling and content allowing you to reach your mobile customers and effectively engage and convert them.  

Wrap offers solutions for:

Each solution offers beautiful example Wraps, complete with powerful functionality, organized by campaign goal.

The Product

The Product is comprised of three components — Templates, Cards and Components –


100+ pre-made, beautiful Wrap templates made for different use cases that help you quickly capitalize on this important micro-moment.

Templates Tab


Each of the Wrap solutions is composed of cards that focus on a specific point in your audience’s mobile experience. You can pick and chose cards for functionality or design based on your needs.

Add Cards Modal


Easy to add components which range across of variety of actions like social, calendar, documents, location.

Add Components Modal

How to get started
To find out more about the solutions, check out the program website.


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