The Wrap Sheet – Media vs Mobile Media Consumption

The Wrap Sheet – Media vs Mobile Media Consumption
June 17, 2016 Gerard Fane


In this week’s issue of The Wrap Sheet, crucial data shows as media consumption declines, mobile media consumption is on the rise. Mobile media consumption is expected to rise 28% this upcoming year. Consumers are now spending less time watching TV and more time on browsing internet, either through their mobile devices or on desktop.

Also happening this week, companies are starting to realize just how crucial mobile is for holding their place in the consumer market. B2B companies are starting to become more mobile-first to keep up with the changing times.

Links to these stories and more below:

Apple, Social Media, Messaging Dominate App Revenues in Q1

In-app subscriptions propelled Apple’s App Store to nearly double the revenues of the Google Play Store in the first quarter. Messaging and social media apps dominated the list of top 10 monthly active users, while games were absent.

(Venture Beat)

Report: Majority of Internet Access Moves to Mobile Phones

As 71% of internet use is happening on mobile phones, Zenith’s Media Consumption Forecasts predicts that desktop internet use will fall 15.8% this year.

(The Drum)

Microsoft’s LinkedIn Purchase Looks Good for Advertisers

Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, and the deal could give advertisers, especially business-to-business brands, better targeting and extended reach to LinkedIn’s 433 million-strong audience. Microsoft has also indicated that it might introduce a newsfeed on the platform that will curate content “for every professional to stay connected with the happenings in their network, industry and profession” as one potential advertising option.

(Marketing Land)

Media Consumption is Starting to Decline

Further evidence that mobile is becoming one of the primary modes of information consumption. New study shows more than 70 percent of global internet consumption will occur on mobile this year.

(Business Insider)

Pubcon Las Vegas 2016 Agenda Announced

Pubcon 2016 has released the tracks of 200 top industry speakers. This year’s event will be one of the strongest new media and search marketing events ever held.

(Mobile Marketing Watch)

Why B2B Brands Must Catch Up on Mobile

Nearly half of business-to-business brands don’t have a mobile strategy, and just 18% have the systems in place to allow mobile purchasing, Forrester reports. It’s essential for companies to become more mobile as buyers increasingly work remotely, and mobile search has spiked.

(EBN Online)

Bridging In-Store, Ecommerce Channels Surefire Way to Increase Revenues

Thanks to online data mining, 80 percent of luxury brands know their in-store customer base by name. Brands that acknowledge the consumer have a much better chance of making a sale.

(Luxury Daily)

How Millennial Buyers Make B2B Purchases

Nearly three-quarters of millennials now have purchasing responsibilities within their companies. The study showed that millennials prefer to look online and at social media to select products, and 82% use mobile in their research.

(The Drum)

Survey Shows Opportunity With Mobile-Reliant Customers

Mobile-reliant customers use devices to shop both while they’re in brick-and-mortar locations and online, and have more than three shopping apps on their devices. Catering to mobile-reliant customers is an area of opportunity in omnichannel marketing.

(Mobile Marketing Watch)

Use Stories to Build Long-Term Relationships With Customers

Business-to-business marketing chiefs must become the driving force of change to make their organizations more customer-centric. Consider hiring journalists to help tell the story of your brand, and keep customers engaged with valuable content.

(The Drum)


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