The Wrap Sheet – May 27th, 2016

The Wrap Sheet – May 27th, 2016
May 27, 2016 Gerard Fane

A Weekly Look at Trending Mobile Marketing News

In this week’s issue of The Wrap Sheet, a new report from Sitecore shows many brands are lagging with mobile marketing strategies. The report shows a lot of room for improvement as many organizations aren’t investing enough to ensure a great mobile experience for consumers while many also lack a meaningful mobile strategy.

In Europe, mobile and online spending is growing at differing rates across the region. The UK clocks in with the highest mobile and online spending, but according to an annual European online advertising report, the fastest growth in spending is happening in Ireland, Bulgaria and Poland.

And Wrap made news in Inc. Magazine – discussing why cards are redefining mobile in ways mobile apps can’t.

Here are links to these and other stories of note this week:

The Age of Apps is Over – and Cards Are Taking Their Place

Wrap Chief Creative Officer Mark Rolston discusses the evolution to a card-based approach to mobile.

(Inc. Magazine Online)

Brands Lack Adequate Mobile Marketing Strategies

A recent Sitecore survey underscores some telling facts about how underprepared many brands are when it comes to mobile marketing. The survey of brand marketers across 11 countries indicates near universal understanding that mobile marketing is critically important. But it also shows many brands are behind the curve in making mobile work.

(Telecom Asia)

Mobile, Online Advertising Spend in Europe is Growing Faster in Some Markets Than Others

A new report indicates brands in the UK are the big spenders in mobile marketing, topping Germany, France and all other EU nations by a wide margin. But growth is strong across the board with a rapidly growing focus on mobile marketing.

(Mobile Marketing Watch)

Study Shows Mobile Users’ Ad Ambivalence, Resistance to Push Notifications

Roughly 62 percent of survey respondents never want push notifications or want them less than once per month, even from their “favorite brands.”

(Marketing Land)

Why Mobile is Vital to Standing Out Digitally

Mobile devices are emerging as the primary way businesses can make a strong first impression. To optimize that experience, it’s necessary to have a website that is thoroughly mobile friendly.

(B2C Marketing Insider)

10 Up-And-Coming Trends in Online Marketing

A piece in this week highlighted ten key trends in online marketing. Content, personalization and social media integration, once again, are recurring themes in where the industry is heading.


Online Retailers Should Care More About the Post-Purchase Experience

For retailers, the consumer’s decision to click “buy” should not be viewed as the end of the journey. Instead, it is the beginning of the customer relationship. HBR looks into ways brands miss or make the best of the customer experience after the purchase.

(Harvard Business Review)

Twitter Makes Room for Multimedia in 140-Character Posts

Twitter is planning to exempt links, photos and videos from its 140-character limit, enabling users to post longer tweets. The company will also make tweets that start with a user’s name visible to all followers, not just those who follow both parties.

(New York Times)


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