The Wrap Sheet – Most Travelers Rely Heavily on Mobile Devices

The Wrap Sheet – Most Travelers Rely Heavily on Mobile Devices
July 6, 2016 Gerard Fane

A Weekly Look at Trending Mobile Marketing News

In this week’s installment of The Wrap Sheet, a new study shows the vast majority of travelers rely heavily on mobile devices to make the most out of summer vacation – from accommodations to activities and dining. For the tourism industry, mobile is key to reaching travelers before and during their trips.

Digital ad spending will more than double by 2020, according to a new Jupiter Research report. Mobile ad growth will lead the charge with a projected 65% compound annual growth rate. But a concurrent jump in ad blocker adoption means marketers need to quickly get smart about targeting and engagement to reap the benefits.

Also on tap this week, a look into some interesting trends in B2B mobile commerce – and how Millennials can teach old businesses some new tricks.

Here are links to these and other stories of note this week:

Mobile Now the Top Choice for Travel Research & Booking

With summer in full swing, mobile devices have emerged as a true travel companion and digital concierge. A new survey shows up to 85 percent of travelers rely heavily on mobile devices to plan and book travel activities. Local businesses, tourism boards and chambers of commerce can benefit by putting mobile at the core of their marketing programs.

(Inc. Magazine)

Report: Digital Ad Spending to Hit $285B by 2020 – Fueled Growth in Mobile

Jupiter Research predicts online ad revenue will more than double by the end of the decade, with huge gains specifically in mobile ad spending. At the same time, marketers have to overcome a big jump in ad blocker adoption. Jupiter researchers say great targeting and meaningful engagement will help marketers and publishers win the game.

(Media Post)

A Millennial Mindset: How Manufacturers and Distributors Can Grow in the Digital Generation

The first truly digital generation, Millennials now have big influence in B2B purchases. A report in Supply & Demand Chain Executive offers three important things manufacturers and distributors can learn from the generation that grew up surrounded by mobile tech.

(Supply & Demand Chain Executive Online)

Ad Industry Bristles at Facebook’s Dominance

Ad industry insiders who attended the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity have a shared pastime: grumbling about Facebook’s growing dominance of the online ad business and how its “walled garden” has let it position itself between brands and customers. “Facebook seemed to have assumed the role of Frenemy No. 1,” writes Times Columnist Jim Rutenberg.

(New York Times)

Will Brexit Impact Digital Advertisers? Some Experts See Great Potential

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union leaves a wake of uncertainty, including its potential impact on digital advertising. Amid questions about the impact on data practices to possible delays in digital ad spending driven by uncertainty, Brexit may offer some long-term upside for media companies.



Six Things Shaping Mobile for Small Biz

Mobile trends come and go quickly, making it really tough for small businesses to stay ahead of the curve. A report in Small Business Trends provides important insight that can help drive mobile business through smarter use of data and technology.

(Small Business Trends)

The Sad State of Mobile Marketing and Advertising

A report in Forbes shows fewer than two out of 10 advertisers consider themselves “advanced” in mobile marketing prowess. Almost all recognize the mobile device is key to building an intimate connection with audiences. So why are marketers still not “getting mobile?”



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